Levi Baus

Levi Baus will become Ozark Catholic Academy’s founding Latin teacher.

He will lead and develop the Latin curriculum and co-teach the Humane Letters.

Levi hails from Mitchell, South Dakota where he was born and raised. He moved to Lincoln, Nebraska to pursue his undergraduate degree and it is here he met his lovely wife, Amanda. They both look forward to the coming move to Arkansas.

This past year, Levi taught preschool through high school at two different schools in Lincoln. He taught Per-K-8thgrade at Sacred Heart Catholic Elementary School. Currently transitioning into a Classical curriculum, Sacred Heart hired Levi three years ago to help with that transition by taking over the Latin program. Additionally, Levi taught at Pius X High School. He started their program two years ago and has built up their Latin I and II curricula as well as starting to develop their Latin III curriculum.

Levi’s opportunity to build up both school curricula from nothing, gave him skills in reaching out to numerous people in order to aid him. He also spent many hours researching second language acquisition and the way in which people acquire and learn languages. Through his research, he has developed a way in which he sees all of his students, who come from different backgrounds and have various needs for accommodations and modifications. Levi continues to pursue and learn about how best to engage students in the classroom and to aid them in their proficiency and eventual fluency in Latin. He loves to bring life to the so-called “dead language” of Latin.

While at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln, Levi earned his Bachelor of Arts in Classics, Classical Languages, and Religious Studies along with minors in Psychology and Pre-Law. Throughout his time in grade school and higher education, he has enjoyed the opportunity to learn more, finding what works well and being grateful for it, and also being able to recognize what does not work well and adjusting to the circumstances.

As with many stories in his life, Levi was in the right place at the right time when he met his wife, Amanda. They met at the UNL Newman Center. Amanda has spent the last few years building up her photography business as well as finishing her degree in Communication Studies from Nebraska Wesleyan University

Levi and Amanda are excited to have recognized God’s call for them to join the wonderful Catholic community of Northwest Arkansas. They look forward to beginning a family and to growing and developing in faith and life with others in the community.