What kind of school is Ozark Catholic Academy?

Ozark Catholic Academy (OCA) is an independent Catholic high school. A 501 (c)(3) not-for-profit corporation, OCA is governed by an independent board of directors, in accordance with its articles of incorporation and bylaws. The Governing Board currently has seven founding members, all of whom reside in Northwest Arkansas, and will grow with the school.  The Governing Board is responsible for school governance and ensures that OCA remains true to its mission and vision.

What is an independent Catholic school?

OCA is an independent Catholic high school.  As such, OCA has no specific connection to a particular parish and does not receive financial support from the Diocese of Little Rock or any parish. The school’s relationship with the Roman Catholic Church is overseen by the Bishop of the Diocese of Little Rock in all matters of faith and religious education; otherwise OCA is governed by its Governing Board. This independent status allows the OCA Governing Board to create a culture that closely suits our community. OCA is independent from the Diocese of Little Rock in decision making powers and in finances, but seeks to cultivate and maintain a working relationship with the Diocesan board of education.

Is there a relationship between the Diocese of Little Rock and OCA?

As an independent Catholic high school, OCA operates as a “Catholic school” within the Diocese of Little Rock with permission from the Bishop and maintains an ongoing relationship with the Diocesan Office of Catholic Schools. OCA also leases, with permission from the Diocese, the school’s facilities from St. Joseph Catholic Church in Tontitown.  

Where is Ozark Catholic Academy located?

Ozark Catholic Academy is situated in Northwest Arkansas, on the campus of St. Joseph Catholic Church in Tontitown, centrally located and convenient to Bentonville, Rogers, Springdale and Fayetteville. Our campus address is 192 E. Henri De Tonti Blvd. Springdale, Arkansas 72762. Our mailing address is P.O. Box 1240, Tontitown, AR 72770-1240.

Does Ozark Catholic Academy offer transportation assistance?

Yes. Ozark Catholic Academy is excited to serve students from across Northwest Arkansas and is developing plans to transport students to school.  OCA plans to organize carpools from major pick up areas, including St. Stephen parish in Bentonville, St. Vincent de Paul in Rogers,  Exit 81 on I-49 at West Pleasant Grove, and St. Joseph parish in Fayetteville.  OCA is also exploring other transportation options that would be fee-based.

Will Ozark Catholic Academy offer hot lunch?

Yes. Ozark Catholic Academy plans to offer a self-serve kiosk as well as a catered lunch option for students. The service will be fee-based.

Is there a uniform for an Ozark Catholic Academy student?

Yes, students will wear uniforms. The uniform will be announced early next year.

What are the houses of the crest?

The four houses of the crest are Mountain, Elk, Oak, and Water. Each student will be assigned to one of the houses. Through three festival days and other celebrations, the four houses compete for the Star, a trophy representing leadership and vision. The clans are symbolic of virtues esteemed by OCA graduates: holy purity, peace, generosity, and holy piety.

What is the average class size?

Depending on initial enrollment, class size will vary, however, an ideal class size will be 15 students per classroom.

Is the faculty qualified?

Our faculty is our greatest asset. Their primary goal is to mentor each student toward success, both academically and in life, as a well-rounded Christian. OCA will hire faculty who are masters of their academic fields and who love what they teach.

What is OCA looking for in prospective students?

OCA admits spirited, well-rounded, young men and women who desire to reach their full potential both as students and as individuals. Accepted students should have demonstrated academic excellence and strong moral character. Also, because OCA recognizes our faculty as secondary educators, a key aspect of the admissions process involves ascertaining that the applicant's’ parents share the vision of the school and are determined to work together with the faculty in the education of their children.

Do I have to be Catholic to attend OCA? 

No. Our doors are open to anyone who shares a desire for a challenging academic curriculum in a Christian environment.

What is the cost of an OCA education?

The OCA Governing Board has set 2018-19 academic year tuition at $9750. 

What does tuition cover?

All day or overnight field trips, technology, and textbooks are included in tuition.  Uniforms, a school wide academic planner, lunches and school supplies are not included. OCA also recognizes that for some families, these costs may be a burden and will work with individual families needing this assistance.

Does OCA offer financial aid?

Yes. OCA is committed to making a Catholic secondary education available to families from a variety of economic backgrounds.  OCA will utilize 20% of our tuition revenue to provide financial assistance to students with need.  The financial aid application process will be released in more detail as the 2018-19 school year approaches.

What is the role of athletics at OCA?

Athletics will be a vital part of OCA.  All athletic activities will be determined by student population and interest as well as facility and financial considerations. Possibilities for sports might include but will not be limited to: Girls - Basketball, Cheerleading, Cross-Country, Golf, Soccer, Softball, Swimming, Tennis, Volleyball; Boys - Baseball, Basketball, Football, Cross-Country, Golf, Soccer, Swimming, Tennis.

How rigorous is the OCA curriculum?

The curriculum is a rigorous college-preparatory curriculum that meets or exceeds college admission standards and all Arkansas state requirements.  Students will be challenged and will be expected to work hard to attain the skills that will lead them to success in college and beyond. Students will be encouraged to ask questions and seek answers in an ever-changing world of technology, but to understand the world they will enter into with faith and integrity. The mission of OCA will be to educate the whole student and to prepare them for college and beyond with a spirit of service for their family and community. 

Do you plan on offering AP classes or dual credit courses?

Although we do not plan to offer AP designated classes at this time, the rigor of those classes will be integrated into every subject. As with many other high academic schools, OCA will allow for their students to take AP exams because the content courses will meet or go beyond AP expectations. As we hire faculty and hear of the personal interest of our students, OCA may arrange for students to take AP exams.

Will OCA be an accredited school?

OCA will pursue accreditation through the Arkansas Nonpublic School Accrediting Association (ANSAA) and AdvancED. ANSAA requires that a school is open for a year before applying for initial accreditation. ANSAA is the regional private school accrediting organization.  AdvancED is the world’s largest accrediting agency.  Both are personal in their approach to each school.