Who is Ozark Catholic Academy?

Ozark Catholic Academy (OCA) is the first Catholic High School in NWA that opened August, 2018 on the campus of St. Joseph, Tontitown with 25 freshman and sophomore students.  OCA is an independent Catholic school with the blessing and clergy support of the Diocese of Little Rock.  The enrollment, staff and governing board of OCA represents all parishes in NWA and from both K-8 Catholic Schools.  Over the next two years, OCA will complete our four-year enrollment and we are projected to have over 100 students in five years, and 250 students in 10 years. 

OCA strives to foster an educational culture of discipline and excellence that cultivates the whole person – intellectually, spiritually, morally and physically.  We are inclusive and welcome any qualified student that has an interest, regardless of their family’s financial position.

Ozark Catholic Academy is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization



The OCA Amazing Race is a fun fundraiser where teams of 4 can compete to win.  It is open to any and all who would like to join for a day of community gathering and FUN!!  There is a team cost of $100 to register, and all teams are encouraged to raise sponsorship funds to benefit OCA! Jump start bonus points will provided to teams for every 100 dollars they raise.

How many sponsored are required?

Keep in mind that this is a fundraiser for OCA.  Please try to get as many sponsors as you can from work, neighbors, friend, and family. 

Your team will be rewarded with JUMP START BONUS POINTS based on the sponsor $$$ you raise!  

What are the OCA AMAZING RACE Rules?

Each station/challenge will have a unique set of rules that will need to be followed.  A high-level description of each challenge will be provided upon check in on Saturday, Sept. 7.   At that point the team can strategize their route through the challenges, and prepare a plan for team representation for any challenges that do not utilize all 4 members.  Remember the RACE was designed not to be finished, so a strategic attack of the challenges in order to acquire the maximum number of team points may be critical to your success.  The challenges that will be used in the event of ties will be identified on the scorecard.  Do not skip those stations!

To start a challenge, all 4 team members must be present at the station and check in with the station captain.  Upon challenge completion, the station captain will complete the team score card and return it to you before you can proceed to the next station.  Do not lose your scorecard, this is the only copy of your progress though the challenges.

 The OCA AMAZING RACE will conclude with a loud horn at 12:30.   All scorecards will need to be turned into a RACE official for final compilation of all points.  In the event of an overall tie, there will be tie breaker stations noted.  The RACE committee will work through those challenges in order until one winning team is determined.  RACE winners will be announced as quickly as possible. 

How many on a team?

Teams of 4


Who can participate?

Based on the design of the challenges we recommend participants aged 15-100, but will not be checking IDs at check-in!  


Does our team have to dress in costume?

Costumes are not a requirement, but will add a lot of fun to your day!  A challenge rule is that in order to begin the challenge, all 4 team members need to be present.  If your team has a costume or theme, that may expedite the station captain being able to validate that all team members are present so that you can start the challenge. Also, BONUS points will be given to teams in costume.


Do I need to be “in shape” to participate?

The OCA AMAZING RACE is not designed as a rigorous outdoor adventure, however, many of the challenges do involve varying levels of physical exertion.  In the event a team member is not able to participate due to health or a concern of injury, an alternate team member may be selected.  Some of our challenges allow the use of a DETOUR to skip a particular teammate. Please, keep in mind that the event date is Sept. 7, so the day could still be hot that day.    


What is the Refund Policy?

The AMAZING RACE will be held rain or shine, and will only be cancelled in the event of severe weather that could be dangerous.  Refunds will not be provided.   


Are there Requirements to Participate?

All participants will be required to have a signed Waiver and Release of Injury and Photo Release on file before being able to participate in the OCA AMAZING RACE.  Parents will need to sign and submit a Waiver and Release of Injury and Photo Release for their minor children.   Age recommendation minimum is approximately 15 based on the design of the challenges. 


Detours can be purchased the day of the event at $10 each.  Most challenges allow the use of a detour, but specific information will be available day of the event. Detours are designed to provide the team an advantage that can be used as needed throughout the RACE. Any unused detours will not be reimbursed.