Cody Vaught

Assistant Athletic Director
Director of Admissions

Biography: No matter the sport, Coach Cody Vaught is a team player. Voted Coach of the Year for three consecutive years (2014-16) while in West Fork and head All-Star Coach in 2016, Coach Vaught has proven in his 12 years of coaching his love of sports. Coach Vaught received a Master of Education degree in teaching and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Spanish. Coach Vaught came to OCA to share his faith on and off the court and to be on the ground floor of a successful sports program.


Levi Baus

Latin, Humane Letters, History

Biography: Mr. Baus comes to OCA ready to share the message that Latin is alive and well. A graduate if the University of Nebraska with a Bachelor of Arts in both Classical Languages and Classics and Religious Studies, Mr. Baus is teaching Latin and Humane Letters at OCA. For the past three years, Mr. Baus has taught Latin to students ranging in age from preschool to high school at both Sacred Heart Catholic School and Pius X High School in Lincoln, Nebraska. While Vacationing in Arkansas, Mr. Baus heard Mr. Rocha speak about OCA during a mass and was inspired by the philosophy and mission of OCA. Now, her and his wife, Amanda are a apart of the OCA journey.

matt breen bio.JPG

Matt Breen


Math, History, Artisan

Biography: A graduate with a Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics from the University of Arkansas, Mr. Breen is skilled in the numbers game. Most recently he worked as the supervisor of the math tutoring program for the athletics department at the University of Arkansas while also publishing several articles in math journals. Mr. Breen has hiked the Appalachian Trail, is an accomplished woodworker, an avid reader and an Eagle Scout, the highest honor in Scouting. This varied skill set makes Mr. Breen uniquely qualified to teach Mathematics, History, and the Artisan course at OCA.

theresa higson bio.JPG

Theresa Higson


Religion, Humane Letters, Philosophy

Biography: Ms. Higson has been a student in two of our nation’s highly regarded Catholic institutions. Her experience of being in the classroom while earning a Masters of Education in secondary education at Creighton University and a Bachelor of Arts in Theology and History at Benedictine College has prepared her well for now being in front of the classroom. Outside of the classroom, Ms. Higson has spent over 10 years teaching and mentoring young adults in various parish youth programs such as Life Teen, Edge and Confirmation classes. This experience has proven invaluable in preparing her for teaching Religion, Philosophy, and Humane Letters at OCA.

angie mancia.JPG

Angie Mancia


Religion, Philosophy

Biography: Mrs. Mancia’s love and interest in Philosophy and Theology led her to pursue a degree at Franciscan University in Steubenville where she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy and a minor in Theology in May of 2018. A bilingual speaker of Spanish and English, Mrs. Mancia has been instrumental in developing material for formation classes and retreats that she has given in area churches. At OCA, Mrs. Mancia will will be sharing her love of these two subjects as a teacher of Religion and Philosophy.

emily marsh bio.JPG

Emily marsh


Math, Physics

Biography: With 12 years of Mechanical Engineering experience and a Masters of Education degree in Education for teaching, learning, and leadership from Arkansas Tech University. Mrs. Marsh helped facilitate a grant from the University of Arkansas for the Physics department and lab at OCA. She will be working with graduate students to implement the curriculum for Physics as well as teaching in the Mathematics department at OCA.

beth mcclinton bio.JPG

Beth mcclinton


Health Sciences, Health Coordinator, Religion

Biography: Mrs. McClinton believes in the importance of health education for young adults. In her 14 years of being a health educator in both school health clinics in the Delta area, teaching at Fayetteville High School and helping develop the health education program for the state, Mrs. McClinton has garnered numerous awards. Two such awards include the University of Arkansas Distinguished Leadership Award and Health Educator of the Year Award in 1996. This experience, and her nine years serving as an Adult Faith Formation Coordinator, provided her with the experiences to teach Health, First Aid, Religion and Philosophy.