Daily Schedule

The school day will be from 8:15 am to 3:45 pm and will follow a block schedule. A block schedule better supports intensive, problem-based inquiry as well as community-based projects. Block classes allows for the quality of time spent int he classroom to be whether on mathematics or humane letters for students and the teacher build and in-depth learning and engaged environment. 

Building friendships and camaraderie is essential to the culture of Ozark Catholic Academy. The designated time for lunch is an important and enjoyable time for students as well as faculty. 

Each day, Ozark Catholic Academy will offer Holy Mass or Silent Reading time. All students will be offered the ability to attend as well as seek the sacrament of Penance after mass. Those who choose not to attend mass will have a silent reading time in a designated classroom. 

Flex time is built into the schedule so students will have a 20 minute flex period for students to work on collaborative projects, work on homework, seek individual tutoring with teachers, grade level meetings or advisory. Athletic practices and extra curricular activities will be scheduled after the academic day and conclude in the late afternoon.