Remarks Given at St. Joseph's Back to School Night


In Houston, Texas, there’s a famous quotation whether old or young…we all know: "Houston, we have a problem.” that Tom Hanks, no I mean Jim Lovell, Mission Commander of Apollo 13, made famous.

This evening I would like to share with you that "Northwest Arkansas, Ozark Catholic Academy does not have a problem--quite the contrary, but that Ozark Catholic Academy has a home!”  We have signed the official lease with the Diocese of the Little Rock to use the Fr. Bandini Parish Education Center at St. Joseph in Tontitown. This location is central to over 475,000 people in Benton and Washington counties.

These are exciting times for us and securing a location for our first five years is a big step in allowing the school to move forward.

To all those who began this journey over 20 years ago, and those recently joining this adventure, I encourage each of us to continue to Dream Big, as OCA would not be where it is today, without the prayers and work of all.


The second bit of news concerning OCA is that earlier this week at our planning board meeting, we voted on our first seven Governing Board members. 

The members of our governing board are:
St. Vincent de Paul, Rogers
Mr. Jim Tull
Mr. Joe Spivey

St. Raphael and a parent here at St. Joseph's
Mr. Paul Antony

St. Joseph, Fayetteville
Mr. Mark Breden
Mrs. Ashley Menendez
Dr. Patrick Wolf
Dr. Jim Gorman

I appreciate the support of the planning board and their continued help as have we much work to do in opening our doors in August 2018. Also, I thank our first group of governing board members who want to support the founding of Ozark Catholic with their leadership and community outreach.

What are OCA’s actions over the next few months in Development and Admissions? A lot!

First “save the date” for Sunday, October 15, as we will have our first open house and kick-off event at St. Joseph’s in Tontitown from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.  This is open to all and it doesn’t matter if your child is in elementary school or middle school, or even attending OCA next year – we want you to be part of this exciting event!

Also, at this time, we will formally open our Admissions process, as well as further our development plan for the next six months. For those who may be thinking OCA is not for your family, I encourage you to think, consider, and pray before making a final decision. Come to the open house event with your questions so we can help answer them. In addition, practical questions such as athletics, curriculum and transportation to OCA from major areas in NWA, will also be discussed.