Welcome to Sanctificate - the Ozark Catholic Academy (OCA) blog.

We chose this name for our blog to emphasize our school’s mission, vision and philosophy as summarized in the four Latin terms in our coat of arms – Libertas, Docilitas, Veritas, and Sanctificate.  While each term is essential to fulfilling what happens within the school community, it is also important to fulfilling what we take outside of the school community, thus Sanctificate is the ultimate aim of an OCA education. 

Libertas, the first term, is Latin for love of or zeal for freedom.  Humanity’s free will comes to fulfillment when the individual is one with God. This is in contrast to libertinism or licentiousness, which is the freedom to do whatever one wants whenever one wants, which is ultimately grounded in pleasure-seeking for oneself. Our hope for the Ozark Catholic community is that it will grow in word and deed in a love of genuine freedom. Are we truly free in our zeal and love to be closer to God’s will?

Docilitas, the second term, simply put is the openness to learn something one does not know.  James Schall, S.J. tells us that in Docilitas one’s “emphasis should be on one’s openness, one’s delight, in being taught” (Schall 6).  Docilitas “is about our teachability, about our willingness to be taught” (Schall 7).  Docilitas is not to be confused with “docile".  According to Merriam-Webster’s dictionary docile is defined as 1) easily taught or 2) easily led or managed. The second definition, however, which is how docile is commonly understood, is a simple follower or one who does not think for himself.  How often are we open to learning what we do not know?

Veritas, the third term, is Latin for Truth. In OCA’s coat of arms, the word Veritas is toward the top and center. It is second only to the blue star. The star is a representation for Christ, as He is Truth.  Jesus Christ, is the center and the supreme reason as to why OCA exists and for the community to ascertain a closeness to Him. Veritas is surrounded by Libertas and Docilitas, as these virtues truly allow a person to seek a personal encounter with Christ.

The fourth word—Sanctificate, is significant to this blog.  As Christians, we are called to a zeal for freedom and an openness to learning more about the Truth, as well as to live out our Christian call to sanctification. We are directed to evangelize and to live out the Truth born out of the closeness of our relationship with Christ.  In our day-to- day relationships and acquaintances, we are to sanctify our actions and relationships-- to bring the ordinary to the Transcendent. As laity of the Roman Catholic Church, we make holy all of our actions as expressed outwardly in the teachings of the New Testament and those more recent writings of the Second Vatican Council and the holy fathers who have since followed.

This blog challenges our minds to contemplate on the simple reflections of how we are to sanctify our daily life in art, literature, music, the liturgy, family life, social concerns, and technology. In addition, the challenge is for OCA, as we sanctify our work as we journey over the next 12 months toward opening our doors to our faculty, students and families.  Please pray and share the exciting word about Ozark Catholic Academy!