A Letter from the Board of Goveners

January 10, 2018

From the Board of Governors:

This provides an update on the progress of Ozark Catholic Academy (OCA), an independent, regional Catholic high school.  On behalf of the Board of Governors, we appreciate the Time, Talent and Treasure that each of you have shared toward OCA in 2017.  Without the many volunteers and benefactors, we would not be on schedule to open our doors in August of 2018!

2017 was certainly a year of transformation for OCA.  Highlighted below is an overview of our progress.  While the list is not exclusive, it provides insight into the real progress being made.   As with any new project, there are challenges, but we believe God is leading this project and it shows in all that has been done thus far.  The events that follow are in chronological order:

  • December 2016 – Completed the initial “Get Started” Capital Campaign (raised $250,000)

  • January 2017 – Hired John Rocha, new Head of School; relocated with his family to NW Arkansas and began full time

  • March – Secured approval from Bishop Anthony B. Taylor, Bishop of the LR Diocese, to begin discussions with St. Joseph in Tontitown and the Diocese to lease facilities

  • June – Hired Susan Thornton, DSL as OCA Business Manager

  • July– Received preliminary agreement from St. Joseph Parish to rent their facilities

  • September – Received official approval from Bishop Taylor to lease facilities at St. Joseph in Tontitown

  • September – Elected OCA’s founding Board of Governors

  • September – Began discussions on leasing gym space for Athletics and Physical Education

  • October – Kicked off the “Journey Begins” Capital Campaign ($1.6 million) to raise funds for first three years

  • October – Secured a matching gift commitment of $100,000 from Planning Board

  • October – Appointed Athletic Director (volunteer)

  • October – Held first OCA Open House on the Tontitown campus with over 275 people attending

  • November – Initiated Enrollment Application process

  • December – Hosted OCA’s first NWA Junior High social event with over 80 students participating

  • December – Met with the AAA (Arkansas Athletic Association) on application to be part of Association

As you can see, it has been a very busy 2017!   With just eight months to go before our doors open, 2018 promises to be a sprint to our kickoff.  We need more volunteers and experts to assist us!  Here is an abbreviated list of our priorities and activities planned for the first quarter of 2018. 

  • Raise $1.1 million of our “Journey Begins” Capital Campaign

  • Secure enrollment commitments

  • Name OCA’s mascot and host a pep rally on campus (February 11th)

  • Complete recruiting and hiring process for faculty and coaches

  • Finalize curriculum

  • Complete application process for joining the AAA

  • Complete rental contract agreement for Athletic facilities

Our plan is bold and aggressive.  With God leading us, we are confident that He will help us find a way.  As mentioned, we need volunteers and financial support.  We welcome your ideas and suggestions.   Also, we encourage you to visit our website, ozarkcatholic.org, and follow us on Facebook and Twitter. We invite you to join us on our journey.


Onward Ozark Catholic Academy!

Mark A. Breden

Chairman of the Board of Governors, on behalf of the OCA Board of Governors